PokerFace Lapidus black packaging

Luxury packaging

Mockup Doro Phone
Red Giorgio Armani packaging on a green background

For over 25 years, DORO, a luxury packaging company based in Monaco, has teamed up with trusted partners to create exceptional packaging. Inspired by excellence and craftsmanship, DORO favors quality materials, offering packaging solutions that embody the elegance and prestige of the Principality.

Mockup DORO truck
DORO truck

DORO chose to collaborate with our Rocher Blanc team to create an attractive visual for their truck, to reinforce their visibility and highlight the brand's image and values.

Mockup doro calendar
YSL packaging in gold on a blue background

To reinforce DORO's presence, we've created calendars. By combining constant visibility, practicality and a positive association with the brand, these calendars become essential elements in maintaining our presence in the minds of our customers throughout the year.

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