Le Tablier Bobine, Rocher Blanc Monaco customer

E-commerce offering a wide selection of customized school aprons and uniforms

Rocher Blanc Monaco, creation of Tablier Bobine e-commerce website
Le Tablier Bobine, personalized uniform for schoolchildren

For over 25 years, Le Tablier Bobine has worked with trusted partners. Our raw materials come mainly from French weavers in Lyon , a region renowned for its ancestral knowledge in the textile sector.

Redesign of Le Tablier Bobine e-commerce site by Rocher Blanc Monaco
Le Tablier Bobine, aprons and uniforms for children

Le Tablier Bobine called on Rocher Blanc web agency to create a website that matched their image and brand dynamic in order to sell and promote the benefits of their aprons and school smocks. Our agency created a complex web interface integrating API synchronization with numerous external software applications (logistics, CRM, etc.).

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