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Toilets with a reinvented and colorful design, manufactured in France

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Trone Paris toilets
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Rocher Blanc Monaco, Trone Paris website
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Trone is an alliance of ancestral artistic know-how passion and experience. In addition to building toilets in ceramic, metal and wood, the architects set about creating different and completely unique to each installation.

Trone Paris, responsive design
Trone Paris design

The integration of the mock-up and the redesign of the Trone Paris website were carried out by our developers and our back and front end experts.

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Rocher Blanc Monaco, Trone Paris responsive website
Trone Paris toilets design restaurants

With many references such as the major hotel chains Miraflores, Barrière, Moma Groupe, and restaurants such as Mirazur, Season, Big Mamma and many others, Trone has established itself and its reputation in the world of interior architecture.

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